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Business Administration

Business Administration is one of the popular career streams in India and abroad due to high demand for management professionals. It deals with various domains like HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and so on. Below are some short-term courses available for this domain:

Channel Sales Management

Channel Sales Management involves managing different channels for selling and distributing products or services. Channel Management is one of the crucial functions of the marketing domain.

How we train?

Participants of the NEST Skill Development program under Business Administration domain, are trained to estimate the demands of the consumers, plan the motives of company strategies and distribution strategies, look after channel conflicts and channel design, form liaison among channel partners, and develop strategies to increase revenue.

Business to Business

Business to Business (B2B) profile handles the business transactions and business development for companies as the customers. In this transaction, consumers are not involved, it mainly takes place between two companies. It is another major profile from the marketing domain offering various career opportunities.

How we train?

Students undergo training in important concepts of B2B transactions and supply chain, channel management, effective use of the Internet as a platform to expand businesses, interpersonal skills that help students to form robust relationships with clients or partners, and implementation of successful sales strategies.

Business to Consumer

Business to Consumer (B2C) is the transaction or deal that happens between Businesses and Consumers. Here another business is not involved, and companies sell their products or services directly to consumers.

How we train?

Students receive training in important B2C business models like the Community-Based model, the Direct Sellers model, the Advertising Based model, the Online Intermediaries model, the Fee-Based model, and so on. From the program, students develop an understanding of channel management, buying behavior of consumers, and prepare strategies accordingly.

Business to Human

Business to Human (B2H) is a new marketing approach where the product users are treated and referred to as ‘humans’ and not as ‘consumers’. There has been a huge growth in this domain along with the requirement of trained professionals.

How we train?

Students are given training on the emerging concepts of Marketing to develop deeper insights into the B2H approach. Through various activities, students are able to understand the ‘Buyer’s Persona’ and develop business strategies. Understanding the B2H approach, students will be able to create humanized products, blending new strategies with effective use of technology.

Financial Management

Financial Management involves handling the financials of the organization. It deals with financial analysis & modeling, financial procedures, and systems.

How we train?

Financial managers should be good at accounts and strategic analysis. During the NEST Skill Development program, students will learn how to interpret and monitor cash flow, analyze and predict future requirements, keep track of the market competition, handle the budget, minimize financial risks, manage accounting activities and create financial reports, update and regulate financial policies of the company.

Business Operations Management

Business Operations involves the management of daily operations related to supply chain, distribution, logistics, and more in an organization that helps it to run smoothly and assist sales and manufacturing.

How we train?

Students are taught how to manage business operations like supply chain management, logistics management, sales distribution, budgeting, and basic procurement activities. To improve Business Operations, students learn how to track an organization’s performance, stay updated with technological management tools, analyze the current processes, and find weaknesses to improve for the future.

Human Resources Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a continuous process, it involves recruitment, development, training, and skilling of human resources. The management functions involve planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.

How we train?

Students are trained with the right attitude and personality, competencies, aptitude, and communication skills to become the leaders of tomorrow. This program helps to enhance Project Leader Skills, behaviors and strategies for Recruiting, reducing Employee Turnover, promoting employee development and retaining a talent, Decision-making skills, preparing various Job descriptions, writing Job Advertisements & JDs, Interview techniques, and Intra-Organization Restructuring & Relocation.