PIBM’s National Employability Skill Test (N.E.S.T), in collaboration with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), has been launched to help graduates either by assessing their skillsets for jobs and providing them with lucrative placement opportunities or by identifying their areas of improvement and bridging that gap by developing their skills.

NEST India aims at providing a multi-beneficial platform for the students to check their employability and improve themselves through specialized training on industry-oriented job skills. Students can check if there is a skill gap in order to make themselves ready for their careers. The program is highly beneficial as it is specifically designed to assist them with lucrative placement and career opportunities where eligible students will be entitled to opt for direct placements.

PIBM’s NEST also opens up various possibilities for Colleges and Universities across India. Working side by side with NSDC and the Govt. of India and a shared vision of Training for Maximum Employability, this collaboration will not only maximize the placements but will also work in favor of increasing the goodwill of the institutes.



Direct Placement Opportunity

Eligible students will be entitled to a Direct Placement opportunity in our strong Corporate Association of 600+ MNCs from diverse sectors. With a minimum cap of 5 companies, students can start their careers even after their UG programs.


Identifying Skill Gaps

NEST will help the students from diverse educational backgrounds assess and identify where they stand in terms of their job skills and whether they have any skill gaps. The lack of Industry-oriented training during their respective UG programs can cause these gaps.


Increased Employability with Skill Development

Students with skill gaps will be trained by PIBM’s expert and industry-experienced faculty that will ensure their skill development. According to the background domains of the students, our industry co-designed training curriculum will ensure their employability for the most in-demand jobs.


We aim at boosting employability in the youth by developing their skills through specific industry-oriented training.


Eliminating the skill gap among Indian youth to make them employable.

About PIBM Group of Institutes

Established in 2007, the PIBM Group of Institutes has launched many educational programs and initiatives over the span of 14 years of existence. PIBM Group focuses on making students skilled enough for excellent employment opportunities. It has greatly trained and placed over 6000 students in top companies in diverse job profiles in various domains. Having a strong Corporate Association with 600+ Companies and 550+ Corporate Leaders, PIBM Group has been able to develop industry codesigned curriculum and advanced learning methodologies, creating industry-ready Business Management professionals.