National Employability Skill Test

In Collaboration with NSDC

Finance & Commerce Computer Application Business Administration Aptitude

Challenges for Graduate Students

According to a study, 80% of Indian engineers are unemployed and out of which around 45% can be made employable with training on the right set of skills. Also, 47% of overall & 60% of commerce graduates in India are not suitable for industry roles due to a lack of the right job skills.

Currently, most of the young graduates in India are unemployable as they do not possess the right job skills. This is the issue that needs to be addressed by identifying the skill gaps in graduates and providing them with specific training to boost their employability. As per the National Education Policy, any training that a student receives should directly impact their employability. Enabling the students to check their readiness for a job and get an overview of their areas of improvement would allow them to be able to develop their skills by working on those weak areas.


PIBM’s National Employability Skill Test (N.E.S.T), in collaboration with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) has been launched by the PIBM Group of Institutes to help graduates either by assessing their skillsets for a job and providing them with lucrative placement opportunities or by identifying their areas of improvements and bridging that gap by developing their skills.

As per the National Education Policy, training given to a student should be aligned for maximum employability. NEST makes sure to identify the need for skill training and provides industry-oriented training to the students to boost their employability. We also focus on enhancing the efficiencies of the faculties & trainers by enabling them to interact with industry experts which in turn helps them prepare a more robust and relevant curriculum.

Benefits for Students


Identify, Analyze, and Bridge Skill Gaps


Advanced Industry-Oriented Skill Development


Global Placement Opportunities


Feedbacks for Improving Weak Areas

Benefits for Institutes


Maximum Employability Record for the Institutes


Building Goodwill with 100% Placements


Increased Efficiency of Faculties & Trainers


Aligned vision with NSDC and the Govt. of India

Domains for Skill Development

PIBM’s NEST focuses on three of the main domains for skill assessment and development. Students with skill gaps will be trained in various applications according to their domains under the NEST Skill Development Program.

Finance & Commerce

Focused on the students from B.Com background, NEST will ensure to assess and bridge the skill gap as per the requirements of the industry by training them on advanced applications of Finance & Commerce such as Capital Markets, Fund Accounting, Equity Research, Financial Statement Analysis, and more.

Computer Applications

Focused on recognizing and bridging the skill gap among the students from Computer Science, Electronics, and IT branches of B.E. and B.Tech along with B.Sc (Computer Science) and BCA. Students will be provided training on advanced applications such as Software Development, AI, Machine Learning, Database, Analytics, and more.

Business Administration

Aimed at gauging the skills of the students from Business Administration (BBA) background, NEST will ensure their maximum employability by upgrading their skills in Management & Entrepreneurship according to current industry standards.

Test Structure

NEST conducted through online mode, will assess the skills of the students in following areas.

Domain Knowledge

Verbal Ability

Quantitative Aptitude

Logical Reasoning