NEST for Institutes

As per the India Skills Report 2019, only 47% of the graduates in India are employable. Moreover, employability of commerce graduates is found to be only 30% and the percentage of employed graduates of BCA, BBA, B.Com, B.Sc., etc. is at just 22%. The poor employability can be attributed to quality of curriculum & teaching, lack of corporate involvement, and lack of ICT facilities.

Focusing on increasing the employability of graduates, we’ve understood that only improving students’ skills and knowledge aren’t enough and improvements are to be brought into teaching and training methods as well. NEST Skill Development Program also focuses on enhancing the knowledge and efficiency of the faculty members through our Faculty Development Programs.

Till date, PIBM has trained more than 3000 faculty members across 200+ institutes in India. Faculties are trained on important domain applications of Finance, Commerce, Marketing, and more which in turn help them explain their lessons to students with more depth and in a more practical way.

Faculty Development Program

  A    S    T    E    R

Faculty’s Application-oriented and Student-centric Training for Employment Readiness

The FASTER program trains the faculty members teaching BBA and B.Com courses to ensure maximum employability through the teaching and training. This Faculty Training Program will enable you to enhance your efficacy, hence ensuring employability in your students. This program is envisioned by PIBM Group with an aim to uplift the student community through nation-builders like you.

Training under the F.A.S.T.E.R program enables the faculty members to go deep down to the basics of any concepts while explaining their application in real-life situations to the students. The faculty members will be able to link the theory to its practical application in various jobs, hence imparting job necessary skills in students. Every concept taught under this program is linked with cases from various industries.

The program will enable the faculty members to link the theories & concepts of Accounts with practical applications in various job scenarios. Thus, enabling them to enhance the employability of their students.

  A    S    T    E    R

Marketing Faculty’s Application-oriented and Student-centric Training for Employment Readiness

This Program helps faculties of BBA, BCOM, BA in getting familiar with the Basics of Marketing and providing research and teaching skill enhancement in Marketing Field. The Faculty Development Programme is carefully designed to bridge the gap in Quality research and Teaching skills in Management Education. The FDP aims at familiarizing the participants with techniques of analyzing the data related to Financial Markets.

Faculties will Learn to:

Develop the understanding of various facets of Marketing Management and complex marketing environments
Design and develop marketing solutions for recent marketing environments by employing appropriate marketing strategies
Develop Sales Forecasting Models for any business products based on real-time data examples and create business plans
Design and develop New Product Development, Digital Marketing, Channels Strategies, Beat Plan, ROI Calculations,
and Vehicle Matrix for various sectors and industry
Acquire analytical knowledge and skills to enrich the quality of work, enhance managerial ability to apply
different types of statistical tools, interpret and use market research results for business decision making